Together As One interconnects people across the world while empowering them to unify as one unstoppable force dedicated to positive change on our planet:
1) Together as one goes beyond a single rally or protest, as the platform has the ability to unify all actions across the world.
2) Together as one goes beyond keeping a business open or supporting a family, because the platform has been designed to unify all businesses and families both locally and worldwide.
3) Most importantly, Together As One has been specifically designed to overthrow a corrupt world system, non-violently by leveraging the very design of the system to overthrow itself.

We are the 99% and we are now unified!

To learn about our platform, view the following videos or talk to our welcome team on Telegram or Signal.

The Background Story
1) Introduction
2) The Problem
3) Bringing About Change

Making a Difference


7) Making Change
8) Using Corruption to Defeat Corruption

10) How To Make It Happen

Final Details
11) How Projects Are Managed

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View some (sharable) promotional videos here that will also give you a quick concept of what the Together As One movement is all about:
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