8) Using Corruption to Defeat Corruption

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Video Transcription:

We are supposed to be living in a free economy however we definitely are not. Not only have regulations and strategic taxation gotten in the way of free competition and true market balance but now new things like lockdowns, curfews, and many other strategies have all but destroyed the freedoms that we once took for granted.
If you are one to believe that there is no coincidence that small businesses were closed while big businesses were able to stay open during worldwide lockdowns, then you would agree with the following general proposed strategy and reality.

1) We have a centralized government
2) This centralized government can directly or indirectly accept bribes or control tactics to sway policies in strategic favor of a select few. More on this later.
3) Thanks to the corporate structures of our platform, we have built a network of corporations that can now out-class any other group world-wide because of the power of the people being centralized through one massive and protected push. 4) What happens in this so-called
"free government economy" is that both lobbyists and the people can now directly bid for the attention of people in power. But remember we represent 80% of the world's economy therefore by pure mass we always will win any bidding or control war. At worst we will push up the bidding value for parliamentarians, policing, or even CEOs at possibly corrupt companies so high that only the people will be able to afford to impact policy. And isn't' that the way it is supposed to be anyway?
With this new strategy, new policies can finally be built that will finally serve the people rather than the people serving the elite few.