9a) How Does Bribe and Control Work

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Video Transcription:

By describing this, we are not saying that this is our only tactic or is always the right tactic but just to illustrate the concept of how the world presently works and how we can leverage the present systems to our advantage, we will now describe what the normal process would be to financially bribe or control an official whether that be corporate, government or in any other capacity.
Keep in mind, this is just one of many tactics and legal strategies that can be used and we will not be outlining them all. Another example that you are already familiar with is voting. We will officially say, keep voting as voting does matter. but without further delay, here is one of the alternative processes that many are not aware of.

The process:
1) Determine an official that may be open to enriching themselves or their initiatives in strategic ways.
2) Gain an understanding of what amounts and terms may be required to gain the result you desire
3a) You can not give funds to this person directly. There will often be anti-trust issues if things were performed in such a manner.
3b) In order to bypass anti-trust violations, a third party is formed. This third party is often a corporation. This corporation could be an entity located in the country that the official resides in, or this entity can also exist outside of the country of residence (often called "offshore"). The advantage to the official locating the transaction in an offshore corporation is that offshore bank audits are near impossible to track. In fact, you see it glorified all of the time in movies when it comes to illegal dealings, but the vast majority of offshore transactions are 100% legal and above board. For the record, operating an offshore corporation is no less legal than operating a motor vehicle. It is what you do with the vehicle that counts.
Aside from the above transaction strategies, partnerships with joint venturing companies or foundations may also benefit the official. One may not take direct campaign contributions for example, but may alternatively receive funds through forms of societies or charities that the official has a direct or often indirect relationship with. The woven web can often be intentionally tangled, but the end result is the same.
When the planned transaction has been executed, the official will subsequently move on your behalf while they also personally celebrate the success of enriching themselves or their platforms.
It is through this repeated process, a politician can assume a job that pays $100 000 per year and exit several years later a rich multimillionaire with off-the-record income or holdings. We are not only picking on politicians here though. The same goes for executives at top tier large corporations and so on. For sake of this example, we are merely exampling a government official as this is an example that everyone can quickly understand and conceptualize. It is our opinion that there are a number of integrity driven government officials, police officers, corporate officers, and the like across all jurisdictions. But yes a percentage of the world also does operate this way.
Darker arts like blackmail and extortion have also been carried out to control officers. It may be possible to leverage our platform to free individuals from such acts while allowing them to move as their natural conscience allows.
Those that don't fall in line can simply become out-voted by those that do. In the same manner that this has been done by the minority to control the majority. It may take time, but it can be done.
As mentioned in past videos, minority groups will still attempt to control or compete with our movement, but how can even a group of large companies ever compete with the trillions of dollars moving daily by the majority of the world population? There will be no contest if we all play our part.

Our new platform allows the people to now have two options to vote:
a) they can vote with a ballot on election day
b) they can vote with their wallet.
With well over 500 million people in North America alone. If each person gave as little as $10 to $100, very quickly, we will have many hundreds of millions to work with in order to bring about the positive change we desire in our lands. And that is before the occasional private millionaire chooses to pour in a larger fund amount to secure their involvement in a project. Every dollar counts and there will never be preferred treatment offered to a contributor. We are all doing this out of the love of our hearts and through transparency and integrity, great things are bound to happen.
These numbers only focus on North America. As mentioned before, our platform is not region-specific, projects of all types across the entire planet can be fulfilled by our new structures and organization strategies.
As "the people" control more and more executives, politicians, and the like. the old "elite few" will starve for power and control and we will invariably re-gain what was once stolen from us. Our power and freedom to speak, move, and unite.
It does not take a majority to make a change, it just takes a well-strategized minority. We all understand that in some occasions, drug dealers can "buy" local police departments. If that is truly the case, the people can "by their way back" to local, federal, and international control. The time is now.