10) How To Make It Happen

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Video Transcription:

Unlike a typical corporate structure that is subject to one individual that controls all; check the "Stanford Prison Experiment" for evidence why this should never be the case.
Our structures are comprised of teams of individuals world-wide that hold each other accountable and 100% transparent to you the public that is engaged with the many varying projects we choose to support.
Our platform is run "by the world ~ for the world" therefore there is no central jurisdiction of the corporation(s) leveraged, or central directors in any way, shape, or form. We choose to work directly with members like you, to impact local areas in positive and tangible ways. As well as strategize international projects that make more of a global long-term impact.
Our teams are forever expanding and are not closed to an elite few, but rather open to new participants on a regular basis. In essence, the faster we grow, the more positive impact we can have in our world and we would love to hear from you the ideas you have and how you may like to contribute to the movement.
We are continually looking for new projects to fund and support so contact us and let us know what you would like to do and how you would like to positively impact the world as part of "we the people".
Every one of our team members are brought together by a strong integrity covenant. Aside from that covenant, there are strong mechanisms in place that ensure that financial or other contributions can never be highjacked or controlled.
These details go well beyond the content of this video but can be disclosed after you contact us and start to journey with us and our teams.