11) How Projects Are Managed

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Video Transcription:

You, or a member of your region or federal community has a project that they would like to have funded. This could be as simple as stopping the exploitation of a natural resource in a given area, or ending the corruption of police, or engaging the press to report in an unbiased format because of backdoor dealings that force them to report in such a manner. These projects can also be as complex as rebuilding major infrastructures, or bringing about global economic changes, or attempting to address poverty worldwide.
Upon contacting us, if there is already a team working on a similar project at-hand, we may introduce you to other teammates in order to help speed your process of success. Our executive leaders will also advise in ways they can help you strategize your success as we also share the administrative talents across many projects in order to keep project costs down for each and every project we assume.
Each project leader will be able to monitor all funds raised for a project and help develop management details along the way. 100% transparency is key to our success at all times.
Once financial thresholds are made for a specific action plan, funds will then be readily dispursed and the proposed action will be executed. Once complete, the next project can be proposed and developed as needed.

Our management and success model has been built to "scale". Meaning that a relatively infinite number of projects can be simultaneously managed while our platform infinitely grows to elastically fill the needs and desires of the people worldwide. It has taken a great deal of time and expertise to design, but we got this dialed in! There are no language, jurisdiction, or geographic restrictions what so ever. We are here for you, and we are here for you worldwide!
Give us a shout and we will see what we can do for you!