1) Introduction

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We are living in a day and age where a small number of people control the majority of the world. But how did these people get there? Did we elect them? Did we delegate them?

No. They placed themselves in their position by leveraging the financial and political powers they possess or even sometimes stole. In truth, a great number of years have been spent planning and building up a framework that could possibly enslave the majority of the population while empowering the minority. Worse yet, this is not a new idea in any way. Throughout all of history, there have always been those that plan to subjugate others while they elevate themselves to new positions of power. For example: A Sultan, Emperor, Prince, or King would step up and subjugate the desires of others, for their desires of conquest, power, and otherwise. They would directly or indirectly control the education of the populace, enjoy exclusive rights to violence over the people to make sure they stay in place, while also enjoying the luxuries of being in the minority 1%.

Today is not much different than the days of old, however, there is one main difference. We can not directly ascertain who the king is! We often see things happening that go against what we "understand" should be, but there is no way to know who the true "ruler" is any longer. We elect someone to power in order to represent us, but then seemingly out of nowhere, decisions are often made that fall contrary to the desires of the general populace or even the original platform of the person we had elected. Nameless faceless political lobby groups are often blamed for the inconsistency, or concepts of shadow governments are often cited, but the end result remains the same. We as a people feel frustrated and powerless as we continue to often "vote" for what appears to be the "better of two evils" while not being able to bring about the true change that we desire for our kingdom. Until now, it seemed as though there was no way out of the problem because our only options for change were to vote, which never really changes anything, or revolt, which just begets more violence in the end but still harbors no change. But thankfully, this need not be the case any longer. Soon we will reveal how our world can be changed for the better and return back to representing the people without the need for civil unrest, or global violence in any way. Let's together now solve the problem that has plagued us for generations. The time is now.