2) The Problem

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Video Transcription:

In the present reality, we elect a leader that is supposed to represent us. We get excited about the new possibilities, but then within a short period of time, things seem to change.
Powerful lobbyists or other often hidden groups that operate in the background, seem to twist the original mandates of the leadership to fulfill their specific needs.
When we see this, we often experience frustration and want to fix the problem by one of only two means that are taught to us.
1) We demand a vote to bring in a new leader that can still be controlled by outside influences in the same manner the past leader had been. or
2) We "stand against" what we feel is injustice by protest, rallying, or revolting against the leadership at the consequence of ourselves. Shops get burned, people get injured and in truth, we only war against ourselves while hoping to solve a hopeless problem.
As you may have already experienced, The traditional ways of disobedience actually play right into the hands of those that aim to oppress. When the people "rise up", it offers an excuse for the governor to govern with more force and enslave and control the populace even more. The people in essence give the ruler the excuse to add force under the guise of "protecting the people against themselves" as the policing people war against the revolting people with absolutely no consequence to the ruler that places themself at the top.
Honestly, if you were a king sitting in your castle and your subjects were arguing and fighting with your knights over the taxes or other injustices they have perceived, would you feel even remotely a need to change anything? You would be safe behind your castle wall and if you truly viewed the people as just a support mechanism for your richness, you would be able to let them revolt all they would like, with little to no direct impact upon you.
This is the truth of our present-day world-wide. And this can and will be changed with your help.
Over time, our team has painstakingly designed a way that "we the people" can properly and positively impact our government without violence, while using the system that is already in place to bring about this change.
No need for wars, but merely a quiet revolution that operates in the background in the same manner that the present technocratic revolution has occurred while we were asleep to the fact. Through our plan, there is no need for violence and civil unrest. No need to place the population as a whole in harm's way, and once done, the power will be restored to the people and no longer the minority that elects themselves as King in the background.
Too good to be true? Well, we never said it is easy, but we are asserting that it is possible. We will describe the process next.