3) Bringing About Change

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Video Transcription:

Before we get into how we can change things, we must first delve into how things work. Why is that important?
Because hundreds of years of effort have been put in place to build a fully developed mousetrap to contain and control people. The better you understand this mousetrap and how it works, the better you can leverage its own design to do what you want it to do.

Much like the tactics of guerilla warfare.
If you have an enemy that is far more established than you are and is presently in a position of strength above you with seemingly overreaching and unlimited power, the only way to battle is to wage warfare by:
1) Using their weapons against them. No matter how strong your opponent is, they can fuel your initiative and add strength to it.
2) User their communication means against them. As they say: The radio is the most powerful weapon of war. Through the radio is how you control the minds of others and once that conditioning is done, you can achieve anything.
Your opponent will always keep their communication lines open and you can leverage those communication lines both internally and externally to get your message across and turn the tides of the time.
3) Starve their supplies or thwart their plans by outmaneuvering them. A larger more established enemy is slow and lumbering in how they can move. Smaller groups can move nimbly, hide in the bushes, and control a battle against amazing odds. This has been proven time and time again.
4) Store up your stores in the same places and ways they store up their stores. So that when your opponent protects their assets. They will be inadvertently be protecting yours.

All of these strategies will be leveraged as we work together to topple the present poisoned world-system by pulling from the bottom bricks of the building first. There is no need to war at the top when it is possible to shake the foundation over time.
Again, the aim in all we do is to move through non-violence and wage peace and not war by controlling areas that before now were not able to be controlled.
So now let's outline how it all works.