4a) The Present System

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Video Transcription:

Let's say you are a government official that was elected to bring about positive change in our world. Or say you were a newscaster that got into reporting news because you loved exposing the truth.
While growing in your career, you learned over time that the game is fundamentally rigged. The news company you work for is owned by a larger company that seeks to perpetuate a certain "truth" that presents a specific agenda dictated by the owners. Or the political party that you are a part of is actually controlled by larger groups that strategically spend great deals of money or exhibit great power and control, by keeping dirt on others (fabricated or true) and maintaining their position of authority over your appointed freedoms and power by heavy-handed and often even life-threatening tactics.
When facing this truth, you realize there is nothing that you as one person to bring about the change you desire, so you are faced with the decision of either working within the restricted system, or resigning and letting the present system perpetuate itself while you are replaced with another person that may more efficiently navigate through what some might call a "swamp".
Nothing changes and the poison stays in the wound.

Here's the overreaching concept in just a few quick steps. We will keep things to a governmental example to keep things simple, but the process is pretty much the same across the board:
1) A leader is put in place
2) Powerful corporations or lobby groups sway the leader to rule in their favor because they have the ability to:
a) De-fund the leader through financial warfare tactics
b) Blackmail or extort the leader because of incriminating material that could have been captured or fabricated
c) Remove the leader by force by partnering corporate collaborations, hostile takeover, or negotiation tactics and further.
The leader is therefore held hostage to these corporate desires and structures.

Why a corporation? Because corporations are what organizes a group of people to operate and speak as one with a unified agenda and in doing so, have great power. In-fact so much power, that the unified power of corporations desperately outclass the individual powers, rights, and freedoms of the millions of individual voters out there that have not been educated on how to properly organize to represent what they feel is right.
With this, a mere few can manipulate the many with seemingly little effort over time.

To further illustrate the proven concept, let's look at the example of Gay rights compared to churches in the last 100 years.
Leaving all social politics aside,