4b) The Present System

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Video Transcription:

let's look at the example of Gay rights compared to churches in the last 100 years.
Leaving all social politics aside, it is safe to say that the vast majority of the populace is not homosexual in their tendencies, but a select few. Let's say 3% to 10% of the population got organized, rallied the government, and now all politics and education have effectively changed through North America and other parts of the world. By contrast, churches have been together for thousands of years but churches work independently of one another, often argue amongst themselves, and never truly combine or organize in a way that can bring overreaching change to the world even though churches as a whole, have a massive amount of followers through the lang. Far more than 3% to 10% but policies never seem to sway to the desires of the church. Leaving all politics aside and not claiming any side is right or wrong, the evidence is in plain sight. Success is not measured by how large you are, but by how organized you are. How unified you are and how collaborative and creative you are.
Our platform now brings organization and collaboration to "the people" in ways that have been needed for generations. Took us long enough, but we are finally here.

Before getting into how it all works, we must first fully share how the big picture flows so that we are all truly on the same page. From there we can address how the mousetrap is built and how the design can be leveraged to bring about the positive change to our world that we desire.