7) Making Change

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Video Transcription:

The past example in the previous video spoke directly about government structures. We will keep doing so for sake of communication, but the general principles outlined in this video and subsequent videos can be applied to many other areas as well. Ares that include news carriers, policing services, and just about any other detail you can conceptualize.
Here is just one plan of action that will outline how positive change can be made in our world.

We the people possess boatloads of money and resources. It is shown that 80% of our global economy is provided by "we the people" and not the smaller rich groups of individuals. It is not a secret that money is what makes the world go round in many ways. We all know to "follow the money" to find corruption or power when doing investigative reporting for example. The gross truth is that voting has very little power in itself. We are just trained to believe this in order to placate the emotional needs of the population. A more popular and more successful method of control lies in the statement: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws". The truth is, control money and the economies of the world and you will control the world without a single vote or even round of a gun fired. This has been the truth for hundreds of years and it is our time to leverage this truth to our advantage. We will soon illustrate how this can be done on a government level and this of course parallels many other areas in the world.

Fear is also a great motivator. As an example, when America was founded, it was the intent that the governments were to live in "fear of the people" because it is through that fear or respect of the people that the government will do right by the people. Somewhere over the last few hundred years, that respect and fear have been lost. The government operates now more in fear of lobbyists, blackmail or extortion from special interest groups, and other evil approaches. As you know, this is in large part because the lobbyists have greater power through greater organization. At least that was until now. This is now the time to change the tide and outclass, outspend, and out position any and all lobby groups because we the people possess 80% of the world economy and through our new platform, we are now organized and ready to make major changes in our socio-political environments. We successfully combine what used to be disconnected parts world-wide and now seek to use corruption to overpower corruption and in the end replace corruption with a better system of transparency and grace.