6a) How To Get Organized

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Video Transcription:

Before we can describe how the people can get organized, a foundational understanding of how the corporate world operates must be gained.
1) You are born as what some like calling a "sovereign individual" or "sovereign citizen" not bound by any manmade laws or statutes but bound by a relationship with God. Taking God out of the equation, others also like to view it that we are born as free "natural" individuals that have made no contracts with any government authority or jurisdiction. We must then "contract" with governments to become part of a system of control in many ways. How this begins is through step 2.
2) Right from our day of birth, our parents immediately get a certificate of birth for their child. And through that "Birth Certificate", the government binds the child or us to their systems much like a shirt that we can choose to wear, or are told that we have to wear, or actually have no clue that we are wearing it because we appear to have been born with it.
In truth, we can choose to take off the shirt and live separately from the system, thus removing ourselves from the binds of the system as well as the possible benefits of the system. Or we can choose to wear that shirt and experience the benefits and limitations more easily. These systems include the benefits available to your government ID, like social security, government pensions, etc.
As you use the government system, the system pulls against the shirt and you get pulled with it in whatever direction the government systems decide.
The corporation that is created at the time of your Birth Certificate happens to be the same as your personal name spelled in all caps as all corporations are spelled.
When you get married, there is a corporate merger that takes place and when you divorce there is a corporate separation that takes place. All without the knowledge of the majority of the population.
In the big picture, there are billions of people that all have certificates of birth and through that can vote on governments and other areas. Each corporate fiction that carries your name, can open bank accounts, get provisionary land title, and so on. When it comes to voting power, each individual contributes to what would be equivalent to a fraction of a penny in the governmental decision-making process. Other corporations on the contrary carry far more financial and subsequent voting weight in the system just due to their very makeup and closeness to government contacts. In essence, the other corporate structures are:
1) Sole Proprietorships
2) Named Corporations
3) Numbered Corporations
4) Not for profits and charities
Just as children can be born (as corporations) in any jurisdiction of the world, corporations can equally be born in any jurisdiction of the world and be naturally bound to the laws of those jurisdictions.
Corporations of any type (outside of sole proprietorships) have the ability to pool resources in order to act as a true powerhouse when compared to the structures of the average individual corporation that carries your personal name.
In essence, by nature, any corporation by design can quickly out-class and out-perform the many people of a region because the people's power remains like scattered raindrops in a bucket rather than a concentrated gallon or liter of water that can be used in great strength.
With this insight, corporations are able to pay strategically and often indirectly into the government, and throgh those contributions sway policy in their favor. Thus the all-powerful lobby approach. Of course, our example of corporate to government, or even corporate to corporate interaction is vastly simplified in this video, but at this time, we are just here to outline the general picture.

What is most important is that you recognize that the entire system ranging from the average person to a trillion dollar international corporation is all based in what can be called "corporate fiction". Characters that are born worldwide that can either resemble a natural person or a collaboration of people. Each corporation is bound by the laws and privileges of the country of registration and has equivalent rights, powers, and privileges accordingly.
True power in this world often comes from knowing how to manage corporations and corporate fictions while leveraging said rights and freedoms successfully. We teach members of our teams how to do this while bringing about the needed positive change in our world.

It took hundreds of years to refine the present corporate reality and because of that, it will not be subject to change any time soon. Therefore our combined knowledge of this reality will be used to the people's direct advantage with no risk of the laws changing because to be quite frank. The laws have been baked in for generations and used by those that seek to control us. If they change the laws at this time, they will equally change their ability to subjugate and control us and our respective leadership.
Hidden in plain sight is the fact that each government is actually also a corporation! Now you also see why things will not be changing too quickly.
In this world, it is the corporation of the United States of America that operates, with its income streams derived from the income of the people and natural resources claimed to lie within its borders. Separate sub-corporations represent each state (or province or parish, etc. depending on what part of the world you reside). Therefore New York, Flordia, Ontario, and similar regions worldwide follow this corporate structure. Each state corporation houses or is directly connected to city and other jurisdictional corporations. Corporations like the city of new york, the city of Los Angeles, the city of Toronto, etc. And of course, Named Corporations, Numbered Corporations, or Birth Certificates are registered in all of the appropriate jurisdictions. The entire world contains a web of interconnected corporations. Pull-on one part of the web and you will impact the entire chain.

Now that you understand, when leveraged properly, it is possible to have corporations rally all layers of government and all corporate employees found within. Once done the desire of the people get pushed aside for the desire of the corporation since that is truly how our world is made up to begin with. A person is only as strong as one voice. A corporation can singly shout as many voices. And you now know why one is heard more than another.

The solution to the problem at hand simply comes from knowing how to leverage the understood corporate structures of the world to unify the efforts of the people in an organized fashion so that the people can now outperform, outspend, and outmaneuver any minority group of special interest individuals that used to have exclusive knowledge of how the corporate systems work. No matter how rich an individual or corporation, no one can match the pure buying and negotiation power of the 99% once the 99% has been unified, and that is how we are authoring the world's next "Great Reset". It is time for a positive and long-lasting change. We have put up with enough.
And best of all, we will do without wholesale violence, unrest and upheaval.

Here is a little analogy for you:
If you put red ants and black ants into a jar and shook it, both sides will kill one another thinking the other party was the aggressor, when the real problem was the person that put them in the jar and shook it in the first place. It is time to take control of the jar and not kill each other over the actions that someone else took around us. Let this truth set us all free.