12b) Remaining Politically Neutral

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Video Transcription:

So how can we do the big things we plan to do but still remain politically neutral?
In politics, we are all taught that you can either be left, right or somewhere in the middle. The truth is politics need not be a left or right polarity as we all assume and have been taught. There is also a north and south polarity and it is in these directions that we live and move.
The south pole of politics belongs to more of a "statist" mentality and north belongs to more of a libertarian mentality.
With this, a far-left person can 100% believe in communism and sharing all things while a far-right person can believe in owning a large corporation and making a billion dollars, and both parties can still get along.
The statist mentality occurs when a person believes they have a moral or superior right over another. Therefore an extreme communistic statist would subscribe to forcing people to give up their wages or move to their compound by force. An extreme right-wing statist would believe that it is justified to use their wealth to force others to work for them at their personal gain and the loss of the many. As soon as any party on either side of the spectrum, and even the middle, exhibits behavior to control another human being by force, we strongly believe a line has been crossed. The libertarian point of view is that all transactions should be voluntary. One should join a commune because they feel that to be the right action for them. One should run a big business because they feel that is right and should do so without controlling the voluntary will of another. Through that free will transaction, no hard feelings are harbored, no one elevates themselves in importance over another and general peace and global respect can generally get a chance to take root.
The same principles apply to religious beliefs. We strongly believe that one can celebrate any religion they choose so long as their actions through that religion do not harm or control another or subjugate their voluntary free will.
Our teams specifically fund projects that only have a north pole focus. We will not fund projects that are focused on enslaving any party in any way. Our goal is to set the world free by strategic means. Our platform is not biased left or right and we can freely choose to support any side so long as there is not statist underpinning. In our opinion, money and power have been used far too much to control others and it is time for that to change. True freedom lies in our ability to choose our own future so long as
1) We are not physically hurting another
2) We are not damaging another's property
3) We are not controlling or coercing others against their will, whether that be through direct means or indirect calculated procedures.

We believe in maintaining peace and harmony with all those we interact with and as this becomes mimicked worldwide, we hope to generate a movement of acceptance and grace that will last for generations.

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