5b) The Big Picture

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Video Transcription:

Let us quickly review the present systems that are in place so that we can use that knowledge to change things:
1) If you are in a democratic country, you elect a so-called leader
2) Giving the benefit of the doubt, the leader begins the process of putting plans into action but immediately encounters lobby groups or other controlling interests that sway the policies away from what the people desire or their elected platform may have been.
3) New "offbeat" policies raise the alarm of the people and they get frustrated and either
a) Demand a new leader.
This happens to never solve the problem because it is the lobbyist or private groups that control the policies and not the voting populace therefore delegating a new person does little or nothing to solve the problem.
The inevitability is that the new leader is bound to give the same empty promises as to the first leader, and the cycle then repeats with new broken promises.
b) People decide to rebel or revolt, which does little to help the people because a revolt is simply built from one part of the population hurting themselves against another part of the population. Standing on a building's front steps with a sign raises awareness but does very little to change policies in themselves. This behavior exhibits itself much like someone throwing a tantrum and punching a wall to break their own hand in the process of "venting anger" or expressing themselves. The same goes for any form of civil unrest. It may temporarily placate the emotions of those that rebel, but this often does nothing to change the system in the big picture. Even if you overthrow a king, unless the system is repaired, the process is bound to repeat itself.

The reasonable alternative to this situation is to simply leverage the already "baked in" system to bring about the change that is desired. Create a platform for the people to lobby and rally in the same ways the minority does, but do so as a majority! As is often said: We are the 99%. It is now time to do something with that knowledge, more than just using it as a slogan or buy-line.

At present, there is a "political market economy" that has been in place and until this point, we the people have not direct access to it. Because of this, a select few were able to make all of the rules of the game and change the rules as they see fit. Now the tides are turning. Our new platform leverages the present system without re-inventing it. We use the system to change the system at its core. Compete directly with the lobby groups, billionaires, society participants, and all those that oppose what the true majority wants. We put the power back into the people and do so in a peaceful manner.
We are the 99% and we will now use that power as it was designed to be used.
There is no way a corporate proponent, no matter how big, can compete with the buying power, rally power, and general momentum of 99% of the population that creates more than 80% of the world economy.
The 99% inadvertently paid to put the 1% in control. Now it is time to take that control back through our new platform.