Frequently Asked Questions

Is anything we are doing illegal?
Everything we are doing is 100% legal and have been proven tactics of small so-called "elite" groups for many generations. We are simply making these tactics available to the 99% as we all band together as one.

How can I help?
You can help first by spreading the word to as many as possible. We will continue to create new educational videos while we ramp up with the many projects that are currently underway.

Can I join one of your teams?
Yes you can! Just contact us through Telegram or Signal and one of our team members will converse privately about your desires and ambitions. We are here to support you as we all work together as one.

Do you have projects in my country?
Together as one is an international movement that includes all countries and cultures. By contacting us, we can connect you with others in your area that may have developed projects that would positively impact you.

Why only Telegram, Signal and other secure communication channels?
Given the nature of the movement and the geo / socio-political volatility of our present world, there is no shortage of individuals or groups that would desire to hurt the development of Together As One and the many members formed within it. Because of this, we have built a multi-layered form of communication that would ensure the privacy and safety of every participant to the best of our ability at all times.
Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

How can I add a financial contribution?
We are currently developing methods that include ecommerce, bitcoin and other methods. What is most important right now however is to develop our international reach and teams involved with Together As One.
Please spread the word and share our videos as we implement our many projects that will leave a lasting positive impact on our planet.